Handmade products in Na’in are very important. Weaving carpets, a fine art, began in Na’in about the time of World War II.

Because carpet weavers from Na’in worked with thinner wools, they began to weave rugs of much higher quality.

Since the number of carpets produced was low and the quality of carpets was exceptionally high, the weavers found a profitable market.

Carpet-weaving in Na’in has a history of using non-Iranian wools and of using local, traditional designs with unique colouring, thus drawing the attention of the world market to Na’in.

Na’in’s carpets are woven in diverse places in Iran, thanks to the advent of technology. Weavers throughout Iran can weave any kind of carpet. But a prospective carpet buyer should consider that the quality of the same kind of carpet, in different places, is different.

Using natural and traditional colours and dying techniques peculiar to the region around Na’in, carpet weavers in Na’in can easily profess that they are some of the best producers of handwoven carpet in all of Iran and the world.

Na’in style carpet is woven in different places in Iran – but the quality will be very different in each place.

One reason that carpet actually woven in Na’in is so popular, is that it uses predominantly natural and traditional colours rather than synthetic dyes.

Other reasons include the sheer quality of the weft obtained from using mainly wooden looms.

This all means that Na’in can easily claim that it is one of the best producers of hand woven carpets in all Iran.

Naein’s carpets and cloaks are famous and reasonably priced. Maybe that’s the best place to buy hand-woven carpet to Iran for those who like to buy one or two.

either you buy it directly from the producers or through a carpet shop.

We produce a handmade carpet. With natural resources. Best price and high quality. In Nain, Iran.
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